2019 Abrams Foundation Family History Seminar – Non-Traditional Records

Have you used all the better known and usual records in your research and still can’t find the answer to that burning question?  Jessica’s presentation just might point you to a resource you haven’t thought of.

Finding Non-Traditional Records

Jessica Trotter, Researcher and Blogger will present non-traditional records.

We all know that vital records, census records, etc. are the go-to’s for genealogical information. But what else is out there that might give you those needed bits of information, and how do you find those records?

The Abrams Foundation Family History Seminar will be held in Lansing on July 12-13 and will feature Tina Beaird, MLIS. Brought to you by the Archives of Michigan and the Michigan Genealogical Council, the event’s information, program schedule, and registration page can all be found here: https://seekingmichigan.org/events/2019-abrams-foundation-family-history-seminar.

Jessica’s presentation (Session N) is Saturday, July 13, 2:30 – 3:30p.  Jessica Trotter holds a Master of Science in Information, Archives and Records Management Specialization from the University of Michigan—but works in public libraries by day. Her genealogy research areas include Midwest, African American, British Isles, Canadian, and Early American research. She also maintains a genealogy research-related blog called Genie Roadtrip (genieroadtrip.wordpress.com).

#Abrams2019 #Genealogy #FamilyHistory #MichiganGenealogy

We look forward to seeing you here in Lansing next month!

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