NEW Michigan Pioneer Certificate Programs

New Pioneer Certificate Programs – Two New Programs Celebrate First Families and Family in Michigan Pre-Statehood

Michigan Genealogical Council has updated the Pioneer Certificate program. The new committee of Kim Smith, Barbara Curtindale and Chelsea Johnson believe this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate, honor and preserve the history of your Michigan ancestors.

The ultimate goal is to encourage the documentation of Michigan’s earliest residents by using the best sources available and promote our research repositories and resources: Archive of Michigan, Library of Michigan, local libraries and archives.

Two categories are offered at the nominal fee of $25.00 per certificate: Pre-Statehood (before January 26, 1837) and First Families (January 26, 1837-December 31, 1880). Each certificate is custom designed with comes with a corresponding lapel pin.

The Pioneer Certificate application and a promotional brochure is available to download on our website:

Kim Smith, Pioneer Certificate Chair